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Chades er a Mechorei
P.O. Box 8009
Koror  96940
Telephone: (680) 587-3511/587-2135
Fax: (680) 587-2000
Email: airaigov@palaunet.com
Contact: Airai State Office

Chades er a Mechorei, the traditional causeway in Airai, entered the Palau Register of Historic Places in 1995. It remains one of the most significant pieces of Palauan heritage that can be seen in Palau today. It is not certain when the Chades er a Mechorei or the meeting house were constructed; however, respected elders from Airai say that they were built before any foreigners came to Palau. Chades er a Mechorei is a significant site for the village of Airai. It demonstrates the skills and perseverance possessed by Palauans of former times. Hardworking and inventive, they were capable of creating sophisticated architecture without using any form of modern technology. It is said that people from all over Palau helped to construct this causeway. The end of the causeway is called Chedesirarsuul because it was constructed by people from Ngersuul. The beginning part of the causeway toward Tmecherur Rock Island was built from people from Ngermid of Koror. Various clubs from villages in Palau worked together to assemble the Chades er a Mechorei. Other elders say that this causeway was built during the era of Uab, because these villages belong to Uab. The inhabitants were strong people and sufficient in number to build this causeway. Chades er a Mechorei is a valuable landmark because in the old times, it served as the boundary for jurisdiction under Reklai and Ibedul, the two highest chiefs in Palau. The Northern side belonged to Reklai while the Southern part belonged to Ibedul. This causeway is situated on the dividing line and is connected to the Kambes (compass) in the interior of the village beside the Bai ra Irrai (Airai Bai). This is the boundary, so Okemii belongs to Melekeok and Diberdii belongs to Koror. In cases where a person is running from Koror (which falls under Ibedul), once he crossed the boundary to Okemii, he becomes untouchable because he is now within Reklai’s jurisdiction. This also applies to a person running away from Desbedall, as once he crosses to Diberdii, he is safe because he is now within Ibedul’s jurisdiction. For more information on this or any other registered site, please contact Bureau of Arts & Culture (Palau Historic Preservation Program) Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs P.O. Box 100, Government of Palau Koror, Republic of Palau 96940 Tel: (680) 488-2489/3361 Fax: (680) 488-2657/3594 E-mail: hispres@palaunet.com
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Chades er a Mechorei, the traditional causeway in Airai

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